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  • AquaMarine S.U.P

    Aqua Marina is well-known in the stand up paddle board world for their super affordable pricing, and their 2018 inflatable SUP line features 18 boards ranging in size from 8’7″ to 18’1″. In addition to inflatable stand up paddle boards, Aqua Marina also has a range of SUP paddles and accessories, canoes, kayaks, sport boats, fishing boats, and more.

    The Aqua Marina iSUP lineup has plenty of variety. They currently offer boards for beginners, children, advanced paddlers, SUP fitness, tandem and multi-person paddling, cruising, SUP fishing, racing, sailing, and all-purpose recreational use.

    In this Aqua Marina SUP review, we’ll take a look at the various inflatable paddle boards in the new 2018 Aqua Marina lineup. In addition to a brief review of each model, we’re including a comprehensive comparison chart that makes it easy to compare all of the 2018 Aqua Marina iSUP boards side by side.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 items