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2017 CWB DRAFT BOOT XL EU 46-48/US 12-14 Padidinti

2017 CWB DRAFT BOOT XL EU 46-48/US 12-14

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2017 CWB DRAFT BOOT XL EU 46-48/US 12-14


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222 EUR su PVM

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New 2017 CWB Draft Wakeboard Boot offers the versatility and style of an open toe boot on the Infinity Plate System. Built with function and comfort in mind we took the Infinity Plat chassis and added a fixed baseless footbed. A thick cushion of EVA is all that separates the pressure points on your feet from your board. The Cush liner has built in achilliles pads drastically reducing heel lift. The outer wrap features a dual lace system allowing you to dial the fit over your foot independently from your ankle.

Construction Features
►  Open toe pro style boot
► Infinity Plate for lightest, strongest foundation
► Cush liner
► Baseless footbed
► Deep heel pocket with built in achillies pads
► Dual lace design
► Gorilla grip